spent thanksgiving in Napa/Sonoma wine country
I was gonna say american flavors of chips are finally catching up to other parts of the world but it looks like these are just a special edition that were flavors picked in some contest.  That said American chips are still superior to other parts of the world in overall satisfaction, crunch, sturdiness, etc...
I thought this was a generic brand and then I looked at the back.
Known as Hellmann's east of the rockies.   Way to brand your product west of the Rockies so it looks like a generic knock off.  Best Foods is a really convincing name also.  Also love the antiquated use of east of the rockies like its gold rush times. 
Duckhorn vineyards is a $30 tasting fee!!!!  We are a long way from $3 Finger Lakes and Long Island tasting fees.  This place makes you sit down for 45 minutes and really taste the wine and relax though.

the yoo sistas comin at ya

V Satui is pretty touristy and super busy, the wine is ok.  Love their logo

Lots of sunsets in the car on this trip

huge fans amongst the vines

another tasting at Stag's Leap.  That rock up to the right is stags leap.  Another expensive tasting at $55!!!!  I guess when you are getting tastings from $60-$250 bottles it starts to make sense.  They are famous for winning the 1976 Paris Tasting being the first California wine to ever win and putting California on the map as a serious wine region.

thanksgiving dinner.

guessing games