Fall Illo Sweep 1

reworked this A Moveable feast art because I wasn't happy with the original

golf magazine rules guy column, this one is about a ball stuck on a rake in a bunker

Professor Bhagirath Majmudar reflects on his 44 years teaching at The Emory School of Medicine.  Here is the excerpt from the story that grabbed my visual bone, “How vacant the night will look, if only moon was allowed to shine, and not the million stars,” said the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore. I am happy to have seen innumerable such stars at Emory, and they have guided me like stars always do. As men and women, they were mortals in themselves but secured the immortality of our institution. Dislodged stars do not leave an empty sky behind.”
for Emory Alumni magazine.

Writer Chris Rose’s son found a gun at Armstrong park in New Orleans when they were playing bocce ball.  He worries about the effects this has had on his kids.