The Super Blood Harvest Moon Lunar Eclipse is super rare and the last one happened 33 years ago in 1982 and the next one won't be until 2033.  SUPER BLOOD HARVEST MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE 
worked on a timelapse thingy

going up the freight elevator to a Timberland party

goin' Full Boar

Jamie N Commons performed

standing out in a crowd

menu at Juban, see i told you tanukis and their balls.

jen liked this hipster geisha.  looks like it's by Donnie Lee

she also liked this richard gere in the bathroom

Ellen and Luke's new kid Laine, and commissioned artwork by Jason Raish

CSA pick up #2 and I volunteered this one.

they tried to give all the members one of these books with info and recipes sorted seasonally.  Pretty cool.

delicious real veggies!

their hot peppers are actually SUPER HOT.  I ate one slice and it ruined my night.  and remember i like super hot.

The Atlantic Antic street fair down most of Atlantic ave
The pro Hillary Clinton for pres in 2016 peeps had a tent.

Bob gets his first taste of going to fashion events with Jen, and, it tasted like bubbly.  With a strong FREE finish.  This was a What? Watch super blood moon lunar eclipse party to launch their Stop the Time watch.  It was in the Blue Room at the Wythe Hotel on the roof in Williamsburg.  Before that we ate chili dogs, cheese balls, drank beer, and shot stuff on Big Buck Hunter HD at The Levee.  A very high-low night.

you guys its starting!

aaaaand done.  and then the clouds rolled in.

they had two astro physicists on hand.  Here's one of them fixing the telescope that some hipster messed up.  It took her like 20 minutes.  Directly after she left another hipster came and started aggressively fiddling with it.  Those hipsters.

last time i tried to capture a super blood moon on my camera was in Colorado two years ago when i rigged up the tripod in bob's car unsuccessfully over night.  Also it wasn't a SUPER BLOOD HARVEST MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE!!!!  Good night.