Last Assault on Summer

Summer is almost over.  It's September
2 beauties on their way to the US Open

Willets Point and all the 7 trains.  Billie Jean King stadium in the back

Venus Williams vs. Falconi

One of Jen's clients is Citizen watches who are the official time keepers of the US Open so we were hanging out in their box with free booze and food and lobster rolls.  The lady said the celebrity box was right across from us and she saw Tony Bennet over there earlier.  We didn't see him though

Venus crushed.  She's like 2 feet taller than the other girl.

that camera that glides around the stadium on 4 cables.

The men's games are so much faster, look how far back they have to stand.  Djokavic Vs. Haider-Mauer.  Djokavic won the US open once and he crushed here.

Brooklyn Social in our neighborhood has the best jukebox and I never knew!  They have some serious unknown and unpopular to normal people stuff in here.  I've never seen so much ska, jazz, and even italian for the italians in the hood.  They even had a Pavaroti album in there.

out with the old in with the new.  conservative estimate is these shoes have done 240 miles.

The Great Lawn, Central Park

nice job on the photos mike

sunset looking to jersey on jill/bob's roof on 81st and columbus
goodbye summer.  It was another one for the history books.