Jazz Age Lawn Party 2015

this year is the 10th anniversary of the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island
on the ferry

It was hot as balls, like 93-95 farenheit

Bob's friend Astrid and her friend Imke were visiting.  They are German.  They had to hang out in the general admission area like peasants because we were in the VIP section because one of Jen's friends got us hooked up with that.  Free fancy open bar, tons of food

backstage with the Dreamland Follies

St Germain was one of the big sponsors of the bar

They gentleman's eyes were the craziest blue i've ever seen, someone on instagram confirmed that it's his real eye color.  He was a pie judge

all the little neck clams and huuuuuuuge oysters you could want.  Lobster rolls, etc...


guy taking polaroids with a crazy camera

Jen thinks its so funny

the photo I wish I took

flash thunder storm, it wasn't in the forecast.  All the decorative paper umbrellas got some use

some people straight up owned it and sat through it all.  It was refreshing since it was balls hot

being stuck under the open bar tent in the rain is the best place to be stuck

Michael Arenella is the band leader and he did this fun rain dance with the mop guy

Bill Cunningham was there as usual and looking a little worse for wear this year

we ended at Abeline which we didn't really need to.  Another fun Jazz Age Lawn Party