It Only Gets Harder From Here Little Man

cool new cafe on Norfolk just above delancy, Spreadhouse coffee shop.  wifi, outlets.
I waited on the corner of allen and stanton at epstein's for 10 minutes trying to find a cool street style photo op and this is all I got.

not zoned for yoga

at "above allen" the balconey bar above the 60 hotel.

Nabil from Paris puttin' the smack down

Clay's birthday in willyburg, clay not pictured

Avan's first birthday at Sauce in LES

it only gets harder from here little man.

no stupid this is how you pick a nose

a debate on the poaching of cecil the lion for sport, the black lives matter movement, and movies.

there is a crap load of buildings on my block getting gut renovated.  Streets are so skinny in carroll gardens that cars just have to wait for 10 minutes while they crunch bin after bin of industrial waste into the garbage truck, or reverse it if they can.  The loser in this situation is me, who's office gets all of that sweet noise pollution all day.

this is how hot it is.  that's where I just did push ups, face, hands, and chest sweat spots.