Back on American Soil - aka all the internets you could want

back on American soil, the land where you can have all the internets your heart desires.  It was kind of nice being disconnected but it would have been so useful to have in Cuba.

free concerts in Prospect park, Bob wanted to see Punch Brothers so we went.

it started down pouring, it was awesome.  We could only stay for a few songs and had to leave cuz we went totally unprepared

the magic hour at brooklyn bridge park


Dom Taylor from London

a drunk Steven really really wanted it.  He even put on his custom lead weighted croquet boot 

Drove Jen to Philadelphia for a photo shoot she had to do.  We rented this standard sized SUV because she needed a table top rental to fit inside.  This is literally me thinking I was not gonna have the easiest time parking.  When you're inside the car it looks like your back end and front end are so close to the other cars.  Meanwhile on the outside people are amazed at how you're struggling to park in this spot.
spent half the day working at this cafe, Chapterhouse cafe and gallery

Jims Steaks on south street.  pretty good although i would recommend just getting all 3 cheeses they offer so its really cheesy because only one cheese left me wanting.

the back room at the Brooklyn Inn after delivering Bob his philly cheesesteak.  So we're back in America, the land of convenience and comfort.  I've almost forgotten about the struggles of Cuba and how privileged we are.  At least I have this blog to remind me because my memory is so bad.  Spoiled little American B@stards.