Up and Down

Upstate and downstate

Wacom USA replaced my intuos 5 touch tablet because it kept losing connection.  I feel that it's a horrible design flaw to have the USB connection right there on the right hand side because it wiggles around and your hand always hits it.

these communication arts awards are seriously heavy.  I got one for my Andrew Carnegie portrait for the smithsonian

junk yard next to Lowes on smith 9th streets.

looks like howl's moving castle

after our trip upstate the weekend before we ended up doing a west village wine tasting

something like 46$ worth of groceries from Trader Joes

went to a bbq party at colossal media, the company that hand paints all the billboards you see around new york.  They painted Jonathan Bartlett's work on the side of the ralph lauren building.

various straps they use while they are swinging stories above the city

Clay Rodery was chillin too
took the metro north to poughkipsee to meet my moms who was over there for a teaching thing.  This time the trip upstate was for sad circumstances.  Gramps passed away.  2.5 years ago they gave him 6 weeks to live but the bone cancer finally took its toll.  Rest in peace Robert Raish Sr.
automatic car wash
discovered the Almond dam has this park area.  In a wes anderson like scene bob and i were hanging out in our suits by this lake between funeral viewings.
what's this?  crabs?