Bit O Bob

Kelly Koo my longtime pal I studied with at Yonsei University in Korea back in 2001-2

her husband works at facebook so we got to have lunch at the facebook new york office.  it was bring your kid to work day so it was insane.  it's a buffet of everything you could want including shake shack burgers.  They had this liquid nitrogen dessert bar on another floor.

east broadway

Killer Mike

at the brooklyn crab

Bob always says that i never put good photos up of him

another awesome night at the Jalopy Tavern/Theatre.  really want this record

this polish one looks cool

These guys from Seattle the New Gospel Keyes were super amazing.  beautiful harmonizing 

these guys kept passing around the guitar and all had their own thing going on.  That guy with the v-neck tee on had an amazingly gifted voice.  slide guitar and violin player on the right was a genius and so was the piano and harmonica player.

going to cuba!  10% charge on american dollars in cuba means its smarter to get a bunch of euros to exchange into cuban convertible pesos (CUC).  See you in Cuba!