Bob's Back

Bob's back for a visit
didn't know which one of these is better so you get both.
first order of business was to cut off that disgusting Jackie Chan asian sprawl that his hair had become.  I wanted to be there this time just to make sure because the last place he went to looked like the picked him up by his turnip top like in super mario 2 and chopped his hair off in one swoop dropping him onto the floor.  We went to Blue and Black around the corner and were pleasantly surprised to be offered stainless steel mugs of "the other half" draft beers.  That's a top notch move.  It was also friday and bob had just been driving for 6 hours so it was even more sweet.  That's what you get for a $42 haircut (I know that's not crazy but for a guy that's been cutting his own hair for years its a lot).

from the roof of 15th st and 5th ave south slope

game on at buttermilk bar on 5th ave and 16th st
Bob's new cut is also in this pic

now bob is a hipster F!ck with a floopy hair cut that plays pinball ironically but not ironically 

Gun's and Rose's pinball again.
They also have Royal Rumble which is the best machine and Fish Tails.  Every game in this place got played except darts.  Good wholesome fun, with lots of beers though.
I was going to use this one as the title card but felt that the one below best captures Bob and his calculating ways.  If there was a way for you to want to punch him more than in this photo then he has done it in the bottom photo.  Also we all sux at pool really badly

Steven got wankered and was useless at air hockey.  You could score on him at will.

The next day was our Roosevelt Island cherry blossom picnic but I didn't have enough magical japanese karaage powder to make fried chicken so we decided to drive down to one of the Brooklyn Chinatowns in Sunset Park.  Bob was hungover and not thrilled about the idea at all.  He was even more not thrilled when all we had to show for this longer than it should have been car trip was some raw chicken and no karaage powder.  Basically I came back with a sack of magic beans, that aren't magical.  

the show must go on, we made onigiri, SPAM musubis, karaage

keep piling it on.  besides that fact that we were hosting and were 2 hours late the F train was messed up (there is one F train stop on roosevelt island and that's it).  We had to get out and walk to the tram that goes there which we wanted to ride eventually anyway.  It was a free transfer on our metro card and just a swipe on your metro car normally.  Runs along the 59th street bridge.  Queue Simon and Garfunkel song.

drinks were had snacks snacked upon and the weather glorious.

the tram back to manhattan side

more of bob in the next episode