Bob's Back - Part 3

a final round of Bob this time'round NYC

may 5th is children's day in Japan and they fly these carp wind socks.  I got a whole awesome set of these from Fumika's grandma.  This one's a 16 footer.  This is the first time i've been able to fly it.  The only person who knew what was going on was the girl that lives upstairs and to my knowledge no children were delighted so trying to spread culture and joy was a failure.

Bob and Steven are both "nerds" so they wanted to try out the Brooklyn Strategist on court street which is doing so well they just expanded their space.  It's a place mainly for playing board games.  Board games like Settlers of Catan have caught on as well as "nerd" culture in general.  Here in this room is something so nerdy that even bob won't get down with it and Steven is ashamed to have done it in his teens.  Warhammer, it's a game of fantasy miniatures that you buy blank and white and you then paint.  I think it's turn based where you roll tons of dice.  These guys had like 20 dice on the table and steven said that probably wasn't even enough.

we played Ticket to Ride: Europe.  It was pretty simple and i suppose it was fun.  It also is cool that it's BYOB
here is a star wars rebel alliance version of war hammer.  All of these are played on big surfaces and I saw them getting out rulers and stuff for some reason.

I'm sure Warhammer ends up consuming your whole life.  These guys were really going at it with the painting table too.  A younger Jason would say something snarky and pass judgement but the older Jason you see before you today will just let them have their thing.

I like this lady i've seen walk by a few times she reminds me of this nursing home lady character in the movie Ponyo.

Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook is like peter pan's playhouse with beer and seafood.

they have mini golf!

and 3 corn hole set ups.

the atlantic king crab roll was $24 and small :(  Definitely not satisfying.  Their special of the day, a trout bahn mi sandwhich was good though.

yes ma'am I will go do your bidding.

This wisteria in the backyard is taking over everyone's back yard and looks beautiful now but I wonder what it's gonna look like when the flowers are gone.