Spring Illustrations Keep Springing

UNO (university of new orleans) and SUNO (southern university of new orleans) should join for budgetary purposes.  UNO is 85% white while SUNO is 85% black

a study found that drivers stopped more frequently at pedestrian crossings when the pedestrian stared them down.  for the Wall Street Journal

Frankie Howerd, a brittish comedian took an LSD drip.  when else am i gonna get to draw pink elephants?  I thought of that scene in dumbo and that trippy one from Vertigo
Maserati makes a lot of money in America, for Automobile Magazine.

due to popular demand (like 3 people), or more like unpopular demand, I mad Leo's hands 40% yes, 40% bigger.  I saw the error in my ways in my tiny tiny hands phase and agree that my hands and feet might be a tad too small.  This was a promo image i made based on the Wolf of Wall Street starring leo dicaprio directed by marty scorsese.