April's Fools

At a Madewell party, I guess this Natto or Uni nips t-shirt is in their new collection

a little later at a TOM's shoes event with supermodel Christy Turlington speaking about her organization everymothercounts.org teaming up with TOMS to provide pregnancy and child birth supplies to those in need to prevent deaths.  TOMS is famous for their one to one thing where you buy a pair of their shoes and they give a pair of shoes to someone in need.  Some thing going on there with bags.  Buy a bag, they give a bag full of childbirth stuff they need.  I used to draw Christy Turlington in highschool from the girly mags that were lying around the art room.  I thought she was the most beautiful creature in the world and she's still got it.  Anyway, 2 people right here doing good things

a little later on at an Anna Sui event.

Yemen Cafe on Atlantic Avenue.  Good stuff

darts at Halyards

50 towers show, 50 illustrators painted these cardboard towers.  Tim Obrien's left, Wesley Alsbrook right

Jonathan Bartlett's

Easter Sunday festivities at Virginia's dad's house

his Corvette

dyed eggs by wrapping stuff like leaves around them with red onion skins

Yoon and Celine came to town, ping pong show down at Fat Cat

too much Awamori (okinawan shochu) at Kenka

old school fire escape in Alphabet City

Oda House is a Georgian (the country Georgia) restaurant in Alphabet City.  Adjaruli is cheese baked into yeast dough served with a poached egg.  it comes out hot and they swirl the whole middle up so the egg cooks together.  Good stuff

Georgian salad, in this case they mean more like chicken salad.  One is leeks, one is spinach and one is eggplant, all with ground walnuts somehow.  Also delicious.  We talked about ordering this and then didn't and I think they gave it to us anyway but it was too good to cause a stink about it.  Usually I would make a stink about things getting snuck in on us.  Not pictured is the satsivi which is cold chicken in walnut sauce with geogian grits and sulguni cheese.  Very delicious.  Was super pleasantly surprised by this place and by Georgian food

Will also visited.  He's just livin

Porchetta sandwich at Smorgasbord food thing they have sometimes in Brooklyn Bridge park

chillin on the grass we saw Virginia and Chris and they invited us back to their place

they installed a swing


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