February Freeze

One of the worst winters in recent history marches on
forgot to post this a while ago I got this Onkyo TX-NR636 AV receiver.  It was $500 but it's an investment.  It's also just a "mid-level" receiver.  It was the best reviewed receiver of 2014 and they say it's the best future proof receiver, meaning it will stand the test of new technology time better than any others.  Receivers aren't very sexy so here's a shot of the back so you can see how insane it is.

These are from last year but it's the same miserable snowy New York.  My mom wanted some photos of Brody and this is all I have because the rest are him running around like a big bear.

On the west side of Manhattan:
  1. IAC Building
  2. The IAC Building, InterActiveCorp's headquarters located at 550 West 18th Street on the northeast corner of Eleventh Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, is a Frank Gehry-designed building that was completed in 2007. Wikipedia
  3. Opened2007
  4. Architectural styleDeconstructivism

Looking for maps at Argosy
a birthday gift from Foo, Hudson four grain bourbon whiskey.  Good stuff, and a few of these lead to adventures that saturday night at Barbès

Barbès in Park Slope is a cool little music place.  Low ceiling

New York fashion week events.  Some thing for Teva.  I particularly enjoy the free booze and food that keeps on coming.

A Ted Baker event at Aire Ancient Baths.

they all had these electronic string instruments

Winter this year sucks.  So much people are wearing straight up snow suits around.

feeling a little tall are we?

As a cheap and lazy bastard I ordered 2 pairs of Puma faas 700 v2 running shoes in gross methyl blue-lime-white to qualify for free shipping and not have to shop for running shoes for a while.  The colors are gross but how else are they gonna be on sale for $50?  Ran in a lot of snow today and they seem fine so far.

New gear!  Unfortunately my 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens repair cost would be $40 less than buying a new one so in the spirit of America and modern times I bought new instead of getting the old fixed.  Also got a B+W 52mm polarizing filter.  $80 but as they say it's a shame to have an expensive camera and then put a crappy piece of glass in front of it and ruin everything.  Also got a 5 in 1 reflector set that has gold, silver, black, white, and diffuser surfaces.

the reflector twists and turns and folds down to the size of a small pizza.

looked up the F word in french on google translate on my iphone and it came back with p*****.  FYI it's putain, which I found when living there doesn't seem as bad as the english F word, the percentage of the population that uses putain in most situations is a lot higher than peeps using the F word here.  For example I wouldn't say F*** this soap is expensive to a cashier but they would say putain this soap is expensive to a cashier in France.