After Xmas

Jonathan Bartlett stealing my artwork

waiting for a shuffleboard court at the royal palms, playing hedbandz

The last season's shuffle board league standings.  I have been strong armed into being in the Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels shuffleboard team with J Bartlett this season

That Scorpion Bowl at The Zombie Hut was a bad idea.  

New Year's eve with this guy and Jen's fam.  Korean BBQ and Karaoke in Annendale, VA

Met Jen's younger sister for the first time, it was freaky all weekend seeing them next to each other.

Eric broke out his cigar stash after midnight

Zachary's first time ice skating and my third time.  I had to stop after a while because of the injuries sustained just a week earlier.  That's what happens when you're living life to the extreme, on ice.

So close to having the same haircut if they would let me buzz the sides

I tried to make the wheels on his kiddie car chromed out.  He loved playing with a sheet of foil more than any toy.

Well that's it for 2014.  I'll have the 2014 year in review post up next.