Christmastime in the Valley - Part Two

December 26th started off and ended with bangs (meat bang and firearms bangs).  Here is this season's "Raish Brothers Meat Bang" ingredients.  From left to right in a circle:  Bologna, ham, goose, bacon, sausage links, polish sausage, bear sausage from that same 400 pound bear, italian sausage, chicken, SPAM, and two cans of corned beef hash.

you've seen this before so basically it's a bed of fried potatoes, peppers, and onion, topped with all the meats fried up on top, then topped with eggs sunny side up and extra sharp cheddar cheese and now with the new addition of red-eye gravy (gravy made with coffee).  And of course an obligatory leaf of basil or something green so we can shoo off the naysayers who say the Meat Bang is dangerous to society.
aaaaaand we took it another step further this year and got a real gong from Chinatown to commence the Meat Bang.  I'm not knowledgeable enough to tell you what kind of noun The Meat Bang/Meat Bang is but there are at least two kinds of noun-age going on here.  We were also throwing around a slogan that could perhaps be on a shirt to the effect of "I got Meat Banged".  You can keep going further with the jokes if you want but my mom reads this blog so sadly I cannot.  If the Meat Bang and ceremony keeps escalating at this rate every year in a few years we are gonna have to have a 3 day weekend Meat Bang festival complete with fire breathers and a whole Kalua pig roasted underground.  The possibilities are almost endless.

We were nice and made the smaller portions again.

after getting meat banged we needed to burn off some calories and climb the hill and shoot some guns.  Here is my dad's newly finished man cave in the basement with his loading press and other gun peripherals.  He makes all his own bullets.  Are they called rounds?  bullets are just the lead parts which he compresses with gunpowder into a brass shell and finishes off with an explosive primer on the bottom.

copper coated lead bullets

brass casings

I don't remember it being so epic up here.  Does mowing the hay down do that much or does being 16 years older do it?

the shooting range.

are you sleeping?

how ashamed is my dad gonna be when he sees my form?  Why am I all scrunched up like that.

we always knew wendle was sadistic but here she can't help smiling

Steven looks like he should be standing next to Robert Dinero in Ronin

gun jam.  we suck, the gun jammed almost every time for us but my dad had no problem.

we shot 4 guns in total, a 22 caliber rifle, a M1 carbine rifle from WWII,  glock 9mm, and a 44 caliber Desert Eagle. 

even on the range Jen is in fashion