Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming to New York
when you work at home all day you gotta amuse yourself somehow.  Here is my front of the house squirrel friend.  Is he the same as my back of the house squirrel friend that I got a sweet photo of the other day?

Lil' Jason's first day at school he's so playful and gay!

planned a surprise birthday party for Jen and we got her good!  She didn't see it coming at all.  She even mentioned several times during the week that she was sad that none of her friends even invited her for birthday drinks.  Poor Jen.  Why do the best surprises have to bring people down to the lowest point possible before bringing them up to the highest point?  but we got that mother f@#$@#!!! She was super surprised.

D'Amico coffee on Court street opened up again

Andrew Carnegie for Smithsonian’s collector’s edition “100 Most Influential Americans of All Time” issue on newsstands today.  They had illustrators do a full page opening illustrations each of the 10 categories like: Outlaws (Boss Tweed illustrated by the amazing Edward Kinsella) and Empire builders (Andrew Carnegie).  Carnegie is famous in part for his steel empire, hence the steel girders background.  The salmon colored one is an alternate color version.

Mel and Gerald had a 100 day celebration for their Chinese kid Avan in flushing at a Chinese banquet hall.  Complete with auspicious dyed red eggs
went shopping for asian goods afterwards at some big Chinese supermarket and Jen was getting p!ssed about being shoved around but I said you're basically in China now so this is normal.  Then I started getting p!ssed about people line cutting.  It really is like China in new york

Super Natsuki Tamura playing a bunch of stuff including a didgeridoo and looking like a proper Japanese musician that came to New York to be crazy

I made some kind of Asian soup.  Konbu, anchovies, shittake mushrooms, korean hot pepper flakes, leeks, miso, etc...

Maglia Rosa, a new coffee place opened at the end of the block a few doors down from us!  but it's expensive!  This looks like what the prices would be if it were in Italy.  The owner is this nice guy from Milan.   Its also a bike shop too.  I'll probably take my bike there to get a tune up and go there for coffee sometimes.  Can't wait to work there on my laptop too.  They aren't advertising that its open so there isn't any increased people watching from my window yet :(

the place looks great and has this sweet looking espresso machine

I forgot to take a photo of this tiny kids sized Bianchi road bike and the store front with their cool graphic design identity

Winter is coming and I don't like it

still waiting to frame this 1956 pin up gal by Jean Gabriel Domergue