Halloween 2014 Part Two

I told bob not to worry it would just take 2 hours to make each one.  He knew that wasn't true but I don't think he expected it to take so long.  Here he is ultra thrilled at his first fitting.  We had to keep cutting and rounding out the arm and face holes until it only hurt a lot to wear them instead of a F@#$@ing lot.  I still have a blood bruise on my right temple from wearing this thing.  But that's the price you pay for wearing a giant planed surface that could take flight in strong wind.

We power through and then take a nap

Bob is Psyduck and I am Jigglypuff, two of the "worst" Pokemon.  Psyduck is basically the biggest dumb@ss of all pokemon and Jigglypuff is an attention whore who likes to sing the jigglypuff song.  as with all pokemon their vocabularies are limited to their names or portions of it therewithin.  Example "jiggly jiggly, puff puff, jigglypuff jiggly jiggly!!"

we prepared a pretty nice cheese and meat board and wine and posted up outside handing out candy to kids.  No one knew who we were except the parents, the kids are all too young to know these first generation classic Pokemon characters and just thought we were weird or stupid.  We are old now.  In the past i've made these costumes completely out of garbage but now that I had to make two and the deadline we had to buy dowels at the hardware store instead of taping a broom handle and mop handle to the backs to prevent bending when the wind hits.

are these kids appreciating our efforts?  No not really.  Are the parents?  Yes.  Do our necks and faces hurt and our arms cut off from circulating blood?  Yes.

Jigglypuff carries around a microphone so I made a 2D one out of cardboard

a common question is do these costumes fit on the subway?  yes they do, they're designed to fold in key places and by designed i mean it was a happy accident the first time I made one 8 years ago.

there were lots of Pokemon out but no jigglypuffs or psyducks.  I don't remember seeing any other sexy pokemon, this is the sexiest pikachu there was, the rest were lame.  Everyone is pikachu or Ash Ketchum we wanted to really bring it and I think we did.  I don't want to brag or anything but I think we kinda won Halloween.  Also Jen got these yellow tights for bob to cut off and pin to his shirt so his arms were yellowish.  hahahah

who got more props? Psyduck or Pokemon?  The jury will forever be in delib.

you literally can't walk 3 steps without people stopping your for photos all the time

so we walked in the West Village Halloween Parade which starts at Canal street and goes up 6th ave to 14th street.  It's the most fun thing you can do in NYC on Halloween in my opinion.

There's about 20 minutes of being packed in, waiting for the next wave or paraders to be allowed to enter the parade.  Not so fun when you're a giant 2D plane of cardboard for Halloween.  it could be worse, we could have been 3D

I'd like to get pushed more please.  Oh, Thanks

Cousin It, Uncle Fester

Kermit the frog

Lots of music groups and floats going on providing music for Jigglypuff and Psyduck to strut down 6th avenue to.

its impossible to do anything cool in these costumes.  Here Jen somehow captured the one time we randomly tried to high 5 and failed.  Thanks to Jen for being the photographer/videographer

we can run in the costumes though!

would you let us in to your party?  Steven was a day of the dead guy because he was forced by his work's themed halloween party to be John Travolta in Grease and that wouldn't do.

at Union Square we were beckoned to get down with these rappers and like the good little weak minded entertaining knobs that we are we complied and for the next 2 minutes looked like total knobs as people gathered around to see the two pokemon dance for their pleasure.  Only we can't dance in these costumes so we can only sway back and forth.  We looked like total knobbers.

Misty is the female Pokemaster and the owner of psyduck.  If you already knew that and are reading this then you are a dork.....or age 28-36

No one cares about anyone else's costumes because ours were so awesome and theirs were stupid.  Adam was a frog prince, Liz was Betty Draper from Madmen and Jen just wore my Gatchapin suit because she was too lazy to get her Misty costume together.  Ok back to how awesome we are.

on the train ride home all of new york was drunk and so were we and everyone was singing jigglypuff's falsetto song.  Halloween 2014 was a success but I have no idea what we are gonna do next year.  Jigglypuff and Psyduck now live under our couch much to Jen's dismay.  And finally watch us in action in the video below.  You should press the HD button to watch it in HD which it will take you to the Vimeo site to do

Pokebros Halloween Parade NYC 2014 from Jason Raish on Vimeo.  You should press the HD button to watch it in HD which it will take you to the Vimeo site to do

facebook being creepy and knowing what bob looks like.


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