Halloween 2014 Part One

I got this Issue of Kult magazine in the mail from Singapore.  I worked with them and GE General Electric on an illustration about the greeness of their evolution series engines.

scooped up these mid century modern teak chairs from a guy in greenpoint.  New we just need two more chairs.

scored this cardboard boxes from a medical supply store down the street.  Halloween costume time has begun.

our super cool and trendy mid century modern table and chairs.

the shelves have eyes

tried to make my favorite thing that Fumika's mom makes, cheese and shiso leaf stuffed katsu

we have flowers all the time now because Jen needs them for her social media photo job

people take Halloween seriously in Carroll Gardens.  This guy had smoke coming out of here too

motion activated inflatable black cat causes dogs to bark and Jason's to look un-emphatic.

I don't think i've sent out a postcard promo to art directors in over 6 years.

the hard work begins.  Me and bob topless and then pantless sweating away to meet the Halloween eve deadline.  I remember it being a lot easier to make these before.

Lucali on Henry street is awesome pizza and byob and there is always a wait.  We waited outside for 45 minutes drinking beer and talking trash

their calzone is stuffed to the gils with ricotta i think.  You gotta go to Lucali if you're anywhere near it in Brooklyn.

they get serious about Halloween in Carroll Gardens.