The Raish Brothers Brotherly Road Trip - LA to MS

We woke up with feeling slightly not so good from our night out and set off into downtown New Orleans to see the spread in the day time.  It was hot and sweaty.  We saw no sign of the old people or young people on their last or first of many benders.  I'm sure there were quite a few people in New Orleans that late morning that were saying never again.  Namely the friend of the girl that wanted Bob's companionship
We went to the world famous Cafe du Monde and had to wait in line for 15 or 20 minutes 

they are famous for their cafe au lait and beignets.  Bob as a coffee snob said the coffee was not good.  I could see that.  How could it be good when they serve it up at an alarming rate to thousands of tourists a day.  And why were all the waiters asian?  Final words are if you want to wait in line with tourists to hang out with tourists and drink mediocre coffee with fried dough piled high with confectioners sugar then go to Cafe du Monde.  If I were to ever go to New Orleans again I would seek out a good coffee place, i'm sure it exists and i'm sure they have good french pastries there.

next up was lunch at the Gazebo cafe down the street that seemed to satisy all our needs with good reviews.  We had a crawfish po'boy and a muffuletta.  Everything basically gets a thumbs sideways or thumbs down because it was either acceptable or bad.  This is kind of a loaded rating though because I've always thought that muffulettas and po'boys both could really really benefit from some kind of sauce or something so the bread and ingredients are not so dry.

Jude Acers US chess master looks like he is having an amazingly stimulating Sunday.  Poor guy.
an entire store full of hot sauce.  I once said on this blog something about how you can tell how good a guy is by the hot sauce in his fridge.  Well I just upped my good guy points cuz i picked up a couple bottles here.

In an entire store of hot sauce where do you even start?  With the shady looking ones?  with the super inappropriately named ones?  The expensive looking ones?  I was drawn to the words micro batch on these bottle because i thought that sounds pretentious and artesianal.  I bough the one on the far left, medium because I thought, this is Louisiana and they probably know what hot is as compared to the hot sauce in say, new york and the hot here is probably so hot its not enjoyable anymore regardless of if you are man enough to take it.  My gamble paid off because the medium is pretty hot, even hotter than Mamoun's hot sauce from the famous falafel place in NYC.  This bottle was $10 but I had to do it.

our car was parked in the parking lot next to this Mississippi river ferry that was blasting out this insane eerie sounding tugboat whistle music like really loud the whole time we were walking at it.

I had a job deadline to work on so we spent the evening in Canton, Mississippi at the hotel, hence the lack of more photos in this post.  Here is bob posing for me.  Being the good brother that he is Bob went out to Wendy's to get our dinner because there was nothing around that was closer by far.  We scarfed down our roast beef sandwiches and curly fries.  But unbeknownst to both of us we craved more.  This trip has turned out stomachs into monsters.  The scientifically engineered fastfood is working and making us crave more.  As Bob laid in bed watching Charlize Theron in snow white and the huntsman I worked.  And our stomachs worked on us.  I mentioned jokingly, I wish I had 10 more of those roast beef sandwhiches, that would be gross huh....he.he.he.  Bob sat up and said sheepisly....I could go get some more of those, I wouldn't say no to more of those......I laughed and went back to our respective duties but half an hour later we finally said F it lets just do it.  We settled on Mcdonald's dollar menu which is quite extensive now.  Bob brought back a bunch of stuff and we ate it and felt sorry for ourselves again.  This is probably our most shameful act of the whole trip.  In the morning our garbage can was full to the brim with fast food wrappers.  for shame.

Here is how I get my pencil drawings into my computer when I'm on the road.  Since my camera is 20 megapixels I can put it on the tripod and get a decent pencil image.

Here's the final that ran in the Wall Street Journal 2 days later.  It's about a study on how typing on tablets hurts your shoulders.  Sorry not a very exciting post but sometimes you gotta work!