The Raish Brothers Brotherly Road Trip - New York and Denver

Join the Raish brothers on their brotherly road trip across America.  Bob was moving back to New York after 4 years in Colorado so I flew out and we drove his car back.  We took the southern route.  We went from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana, to Memphis, Tennessee, to Louisville, Kentucky, to Canisteo, New York (Our parents house where Bob is staying til he figures things out).  All in all it was 2,877 miles and took more than 45 hours.  We took it easy and did it in 6 days so we could enjoy it, and I had to work for half of one of the days.
Our route, Denver, some of New Mexico, Sweetwater, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Canton, Memphic, Nashville, Louisville, Columbus, Cleveland, Canisteo.  2,877 miles.  New York to Los Angeles is 2,792 miles.

Of course I'm a fool and booked a flight with a connection in Chicago's O'hare airport and it was delayed.  Apparently someone set the control tower on fire recently and that was messing things up.  But it's always something with O'hare, I am a fool and should have transferred somewhere else.  Amazingly it was only an hour delay and the connecting flight to Denver was delayed too.  Cool story bro.
Casa Bonita is most famous for being on Southpark.  It's a mexican restaurant.  If i pulled the camera out further you would see that it's in a little shopping complex where all the buildings are 1 story high.  Watch a 1 minutes clip of Cartman going crazy at Casa Bonita
Bob's friends said this place is for kids, and some adults go for the kitchy-ness of it.

The food is absolutely horrible and pretty cheap so the cost of making food for them must be so low, and it tastes like it.

cliff divers

many rooms in this cavernous place.  

Black Barts Hideout.  Bob was making fun of this thing going ooh scaaaary and then it lit up and make a loud noise and he got startled and I laughed a lot and he felt a little dumb and it was probably the most awesome thing that happened.

So if you're a Southpark fan like I am then it was kind of cool to go to Casa Bonita.  Food is horrible and its super kitschy but what else are you gonna do in Denver? 

Marijuana is now legal in the state of Colorado so there are a lot of these dispensaries popping up.  Apparently this one near Coors field won 3rd place in the Cannabis Cup.

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs got good reviews so we went to check it out.  They're thing is uncommon game meat dogs.  We got rattlesnake/pheasant and a buffalo dog.  The rattlesnake/pheasant dog with cream cheese and caramelized onions had interesting flavor but both dogs get two thumbs down because of the bread and there was too much of it.  The fries were on the lower end of acceptable.  

what's Piggly Wiggly Macmarr?

Denver beer tasting flight.  There was some Breckenridge, Great Divide and some other ones
Scout, the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

There was to be a "blood moon" total lunar eclipse that night that was visible from Colorado.  I tossed and turned on the air mattress down in the basement of Malory's house, debating on wether to go out in the cold and move bob's car across the street so it might possibly be in a good position to capture a time lapse sequence of the eclipse on my camera.  I tried to download free augmented reality apps to see the moon's projected path but that didn't work out so after looking online a lot I made an educated guess.  I shot this with the 100mm f/2 lens before I set the tripod up.  Everyone went to bed a long while ago and I sat out in bob's car like a creep taking photos of stuff and setting up the tripod and timer.  Malory had a suspicion someone was stealing bob's car.
So I set it on a timer and it went off as planned and in the morning when I got the camera back I did capture the moon's path until about here, my prediction is that I was about 20 minutes away from the start of the eclipse so my camera would have had to have been a little bit further to the right.  Next time I should just pay the $3 for whatever augmented reality app on my phone so I can be sure.  So I stayed up way too long and got too little sleep for nothing.  480 photos.  Shaking fist at moon