Vacances Normandes - Day 5

Back to the other side of the Cotentin peninsula for another lighthouse and then into cheese and cider country.
this is where we stayed for the last two days, the Brown Owl House.  A very nice couple that lives in this restored barn.  Great chocolate lab.  We were the only guests.  Philomena is from London via Ireland and Pierre is from Normandy and said they aren't going to do the B and B thing anymore.  We asked why and she said with hesitation that she would tell us the day we left.  for 2 days we wondered what horrible thing could have happened, suicide? murder?  They were very nice though
so finally she told us as we were leaving they are quitting the B and B thing because they are getting divorced and the house is for sale.  

Jen was filming with the GoPro out the window and got stung by something and her hand started swelling up.  It got bigger than this and her whole hand was swollen.  The joke was that it was turning into a hoof and she would be full cow if we didn't get out of Normandy asap.  

lovin' the grass swirls in normandy

a few roads on the GPS are dead ends because they end at this.

had to stop the car because someone loves horseys

Baie D'Ecalgrain is another instance where you're driving a long the beautiful fields with short stone walls of Normandy and then you come up over a hill and BAM! the bay and the ocean are in your face

house up on the bluff

at Chateau de Canon they have this petting zoo, 3 "Luxury" tree houses for rent, tons of apple trees for their cider gig and a huge chateau on an amazing property.  We drank and bought their cidre and pet some animals that aren't normally all in one field together 

I didn't know that pigs literally eat mud but they were munching away on it.

its hard to trust goats because they are wall eyed and you don't know where they are looking and they have horns and will ram your nuts.

the luxury tree houses didn't look so luxury, awesome for kids though but maybe not 200 euros a night awesome.

should photoshop unicorn horns on them.  Not pictured, the un-magestic donkey's just 5 feet to the right of them.

but here the Peacock is the king of the roost.

you can see one of them is starting to get rowdy and started head butting the map.  The map is but paper and behind it are my fragile fragile shins and knee caps so I said ok little buddies no more map for today.  If you've never seen a goat ram something they really know what they're doing and even a little kid like this could give you a major owwwie.