Vacances Normandes - Day 2

we went to Étretat, Deauville, and Trouville

We were stuck behind these tour de france wanna bees for quite a while because they were taking up the whole road and there aren't many opportunities for passing on these winding Normandy country roads.  And a line of cars form and then you have to wait for each car in front of you to eventually take an opportunity to pass.  Also getting stuck behind huge hay tractors or other wide loads accounts for a lot of delays that the good old GPS just can't compute. 
sassy cow

love the straw roof action in Normandy

yellow fungus grew on all the rooftops around Normandy
In France everyone actually opens and closes they're shutters every day and night, wether they be metal or wood.  This ornate thing holds them open.

stone beach and Étretat's famous archway cliffs.
Church up on the cliff.  I started to see even more of the stuff that Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki loves and uses as inspiration for his animated movies.  Windy European cliffside towns

Trouville was famously portrayed in the Hollywood film "Gigi".  On a side note Gigi is a pretty messed up movie for those of you that loved it in your younger years but didn't realize that it's a movie about courtesan-ship and Gigi getting sold by her mom to a rich douche

that's what i'm talking about

literally over a tiny bridge is Deauville, the much fancier side.  All the houses look like this.

the umbrellas of Deauville.  The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is the famous film though (rain umbrellas not beach umbrellas).


We couldn't really find a place that tickled our cornichons in Deauville so we headed back towards Honfleur and found this place in the middle of nowhere.  Moules frites is one of the big things to eat.  We found a few of these little bonuses inside a few of them.