Another Summer in Paris - Part 5

Empanadas at Clasico Argentino

above the living room
Of all the times Josh made lunch and dinner and me living in their house and all kinds of things now here is literal tangible evidence of me enjoying the fruits of Josh's labor.  

I think this guy was writing out an excessively long poem for Ellie at Point Ephemere, he handed it to her and then f'd off.  The French.

for a few seconds it looked like this trio was walking together

Aligot is mashed potatoes blended with tomme de laguiole or tomme d'auvergne cheese.  It comes from the midi Pyrenees area.  I was wondering why this table was sitting randomly on the sidewalk and when our food came I learned why.  So they can make a show out of plopping that big pot down and serving up some piping hot Aligot on your plate.  It kind of worked on me.

and then you see what the school kids in Paris get to eat.  Look at that menu!

Monday:  hard boiled eggs on salad, a mother f'ing veal burger, french green beans with organic parsley, semolina pudding,  prunes, don't know what duo moelleux is, orange juice
Tuesday:  It's a Cold Meal:  Yellow melon, turkey stew maybe, salad (with hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, pickles and mayonnaise), emmental cheese, apple and strawberry sauce, bread, apricot jam, natural milk
Wednesday:  Bulgarian cucumber sauce, roasted chicken thigh, fried house vegetables forestiere (never knew what forestiere meant), saint moret cheese, raspberry doughnuts, milk bread/fruit
Thursday:  Carrot salad with organic vinegar, lamb tagine, semolina cous cous, yogurt with mixed fruit, waffle/applesauce
Friday:  organic beets and corn, fish fillet with carrot cumin coconut sauce, organic coquillettes pasta, brie cheese, peaches, spice bread/vanilla milk.

remember your sh!tty american lunches?

spinach, mushroom, lardons, tomatoes, gruyere cheese, creme fraiche, nutmeg, salt, pepper, eggs, easy

had a BBQ
the only reason there were vegetables is because Lori brought some (she's from Hawaii).  The Frenchies were all actually dissing the vegetables.  Everyone brought Merguez, Chipolatas, pork tenderloins

so much salad left over i've been eating it for days.

golden doodle all tired out after being the belle of the ball

There are cool pockets of streets in the 14th.  Rue Des Glycines

Parc Montsouris

I thought they only had 2 black swans

Finally got over to these streets that i've always glimpsed while running in parc montsouris but never could stop and didn't have my camera anyway.  On google maps it says this is called Square de Montsouris and there was a sign that said private property but I just went right on in since it looks like a street to me with no gate and I would just do my dumb foreigner thing if anyone said anything.  I saw a few houses that had architect Gilles Buisson's mark on it, there is a Corbusier too.

it is an amazing street

a harley and a house on rue du parc de montsouris

on a neighboring street called rue georges braque (the painter)

this girl would have been perfect for my parisians series but just as I thought to go talk to her these beagle people started talking to her.  She really really really looked like her dog.