The New Apartment

After looking at 25+ apartments over the course of almost 2 weeks we finally went with the very first apartment we looked at.  Of course we couldn't just go with the first apartment we saw on the very first day of apartment hunting.  So after weeks of stress we finally signed the lease on this Carroll Gardens brownstone apartment on the second floor.  It's a lot of square footage, like 625 sq/ft.  The land lady is very old and wheelchair bound on the ground floor and there's a couple above us and no one lives on the 1st floor.  The apartment is crooked as $#@@ so it makes installing shelves and stuff troublesome because do you put them up crooked to match or level making everything else look crooked?  Carroll gardens is between Red Hook and Gowanas and Park Slope.  Cobble Hill and Clinton Hill are to the North.  Its a beautiful Italian Catholic neighborhood of all treelined streets with brownstones.
My Macbook Pro started intermittently crapping out if I picked it up, and then just randomly.  I did all the trouble shooting stuff you can do, reseting the RAM.  trying every combo possible with the existing RAM and finally buying new RAM.  Nothing worked so I took it to the Apple store and they replaced the logic board and the RAM.  All is well now but for a while it was kind of stressful because this laptop is my livelihood. 
Hipsters playing some kind of cosplay soccer.

The key focus in this photo is not the caped Williamsburg alternative costumed soccer team in action but the hipster score keeper girl using Kale (one of the hipster super foods) as her flag. 
the floor plan

Dining room

view from bedroom

walk in closet/my office?



view of dining room from livingroom

dining room with view of bathroom, kitchen and front door.


after we signed the lease we saw a sign for an estate sale right around the corner from our house and I found this amazing 1940s Vornado fan.  I got it for $110 and it works!

Drink Riesling.  bourgeois graffiti in some bathroom  

poor Amanda Lo visits new york after going back to Hong Kong to face her fate as a Hong Konger.  Cheer up lil' fella


Justin Garrett said...

It was a stressful hunt for a new apartment for you guys. I completely agree that you shouldn't settle for the first thing you find, unless of course it's exactly what you were looking for. Hahaha! Anyway, the new apartment looks great. I hope you guys enjoy your stay in your new home. All the best! :)

Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes