Hawaiian Outrigger FestivalYoon

Yoon came to NY for this Hawaiian outrigger festival and competition with his rowing team from DC

the Renaissance street singers being weirdos.  Yea I said it, maybe I should get back to being more judgy because this is my blog anyway

the hudson

so this zoom is even better than your human eyes could see of the rowing going on so basically no one saw anything and just hung around in the hot sun with a few food trucks (all non hawaiian food, literally there were british pies, pizza, chinese food, etc...)  They did a very poor job on this festival.  Very poor

The Washington Canoe Club outrigger

so its a Hawaiian tradition to tie this leaf to the boat

the Kona brewery beer garden was the best part about the whole thing, workable I guess

they had Tahitian dancers which apparently is awesome and sexy and Hawaiian dance is not so much.  Isn't it messed up to have the Tahitians taking over this Hawaiian festival?  Jen who is from Hawaii said that it's normal, I feel cheated though

they really wanted this photo and now you got it so cool story bros

check out Houston Hall and just as we got there a wedding reception ended so we were the only non wedding people in there

I stole this rosemary plant from the wedding reception, which was not very badass because they just had a surplus of plants sitting on a table that no one probably wanted to deal with
saw Zizzo from Beijing when he visited new york

this bar on court street in carroll gardens

Full page illustration The Nation.  Federal judge Jed Rakoff as Don Quixote is on a mission to prevent the big banks from dodging responsibility for the financial crisis. 

Jen was so excited to learn of this Hawaiian place in our hood but we learned he was closing in 3 weeks to be a chef at Facebook
only in New York?

World cup time in New York.  Go Holland.......and America

Choom tal I got in Korea
Everyday around 1:30pm you can hear a van come and go down the street in front of our apartment packed to the max with barking dogs. It's insane and now there is proof!  check out the video

Daily passing of van packed with barking dogs from Jason Raish on Vimeo.