Another Summer in Paris - Part 1

Another summer in Paris.  I'm here for 2 months, July and August.  I'm house and dog sitting for my aunt and uncle that I lived with before.  I also need to pick up a bunch of my belongings from their house that I wasn't able to ship over to new york.  So with the fam gone for the summer it's just me and the dog all summer again.
flight delayed by 3 hrs.  tons of Hassidic Jews on the flight.
flying over  Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, France

my favorite thing in France a hot baguette just out of the oven.  So hot it hurts to rip into it.   And above that are the "Tradition" baguettes.  I like the new Tradi bags they're using at our corner boulangerie.

that corner of Ile St Louis

Hotel de Ville

That corner of Ile de la Cite

St Michel

Cous Cous at Chez Mamane on Rue des cinq diamants in Butte aux Cailles.  This is definitely not for 1 person it was huge.  The olives on the table aren't served there.  Since I was by myself I had to sit across from this middle aged woman who was just drinking and she offered me olives and the price I had to pay was to talk to this Butte Aux Cailles weirdo for my whole dinner.

Missitic art inside.  Other artists that I don't know of.

as with most places in Butte aux Cailles this place is filled with weirdos of various ages


my invention of dipping chips in Créme Fraîche