Shelter Island

Shelter Island is an island off of North Fork Long Island, accessible by ferry.  
End of the line.

locals told us that the old ferries only held like 4 cars at a time

clay pigeon.  Are we gonna get shot out here?  We saw some guy duck hunting in the marsh and heard gun shots 

rented Jen a bike and I rode my new French beauty

chose Commander Cody's because it sounded cool.  Its in the middle of the island and is in the middle of nowhere but it was an awesome fish shack like feeling.

the scallops were the shizzle

I highly recommend Commander Cody's Fish Shoppe.  We saw people coming in to just by fish from him too.

a dog at the Commanders.  He doesn't give a F.  As soon as you come over he flops over on your feet forcing you to scrub his tub.

communicate to me

Why did the Turkey cross the road?

to get those mother f'ing delicious scallops at Commander Cody's

riding a bike on a boat

so a monkey in a barrel goes bowling

I don't know which photo of me jumping over this digital jump rope is funnier

after 2 seconds my bouncy ball prize I had won was lost.  Mommmmmm!

Croteaux Vineyards.  They specialize in only Rosé.  Jen described this as a den of estrogen.  Well put.
French cars.  I see a Citroen DS in green and yellow.  
I saw photos of this weeping cherry tree and when it's in full bloom it looks amazing.

fried oysters at Crazy Fork 
Some awesome Bouillabaisse too