Marco Pardo Does New York

My old pal Marco Pardo of Madrid came to visit me in New York

Lamps at some store that sells French books in that little shopping arcade on Bedford ave in Williamsburg

That huge room they rent out for events in the building that Jonathan Bartlett's studio is in on West street in Greenpoint

Mini shuffleboard at Burnside on Grand street in Williamsburg

Posters advertising Jonathan Bartlett's Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Artwall project

Here is his artwall illustration work closer up

It's all painted on there by hand by Colossal Media/Sky High

some weird structure in Gowanus by the Royal Palms shuffleboard place

Inside the Royal Palms, a new swanking shuffleboard place in Gowanus, Brooklyn

an old people's game taken over by hipsters, just like Petanque, Bocce ball, ping pong, etc... What's next 
$40 an hr per court, pretty fun though!  We had to play this in high school as part of the "Lifetime sports" curriculum including, bowling, ping pong, pickle ball, darts, badmitton, and more

the discs are called biscuits

the High Line, old school subway tracks turned into a park

Marco doing it the American way 
We played this game, big buck hunter a few nights before and had a lot more super hilarious photos but Jen somehow deleted them all from Marco's camera by accident.

But Jen don' cares

Marco Pardo does New York

Rockband at home

DUMBO (down under the manhattan bridge overpass).