I Want to Ride My Bicycle I Want to Ride My Bike

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike.  Bicycle! Bicycle!  Famous lyrics from that Queen song.  I can't wait to ride my new bike but first let me show it off to you.
New York city law is you have to have lights on your bike so I got these small Knog Blinder 1s.  They're USB chargeable

French Motobécane road bicycle purchased in 1976

Suntour gear shifters

Looks like the guy bought it at brands cycle center in Wantagh, NY

in great condition

it even has suicide brakes! (double handles so you can break in the racing position or the casual sitting upright position)

is this even south south Williamsburg anymore?  Hasidic Jewish neighborhood

All these fashion events with Jen, all these drinks and food.  This is a Tevas sandals event.

cool ring flash setup

mini Patron tequila drinks

MOCCA Fest 2014 at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Ave.  MOCCA stands for Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.

Charles Brown

New supermarket in Chinatown on the corner of Pike and East Broadway.

The flip up sink at Smith and Mills

we waited for the sun to clear this building forever.  It was so cold sitting outside.  It finally happened.

dude don't go to the dark side!