Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 in Manhattan's Chinatown.
Lots of these classic cars but all driven by white dudes, none of them looked like they were owned by Chinese peeps

Seriously?  A Verizon Fios float?  For those that don't know Verizon is a US telecom company and FIOS is their super fast internet service.

Don't know what these blond Long Island women are doing walking their gross little dogs are doing in the Chinatown parade. 

made Pipérade from the Basque country

Opening party at Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply.  Jonathan Bartlett did the artwork for the outside of the University Place store.

More of his work of the campaign inside the store.  These were for limited edition shirts.  Proceeds went towards some School of Visual Arts fund.

These two from SVA at it again with the filming of J Bartlett and the process of making this ArtWall project happen.

Clay Rodery, Illustrator of shadows

Wesley Allsbrook, Illustrator of crazy lines

release form for being in the SVA documentary.