Thanksgiving America

My First Thanksgiving in America in 5 years

Went to the Natural History museum to sketch and saw this huuuuuge coat worn by the Pathans.  It's huuuuge.  I would not want to meet these guys, they lived around the Kyber Pass and have inner and south Asian influences.

This is what i sketched there.

Home in Canisteo, NY with Brody the Newfoundland.  He has the same haircut as me.

Crazy dog lady mom teaching him how to pull stuff.  You'll see why.


too many apples to harvest.

bluejays mobbin' the suet

parents had a new basement put in.  this used to be a scary muddy dark cesspool and now it's a dog washing station and Dad's man cave workshop

I went with my mom to a Newfoundland Christmas tree pull.  The Genesse Region Newfoundland club got together and brought their newfs to Moore Christmas Tree Farm, a self cut xmas tree farm and the dogs hauled the trees out for a donation to their dog rescue fund.  There were like 20 Newfoundlands or more.  It was super cute and weird to see so many of the same dog I grew up with all my life.  There were spotted ones, a brown one, a grey one, big ones, small ones, not just black ones.  Cuteness overload

Landseer Newfoundlands.  Some organizations consider this a different breed of dog.  The American Kennel Club standard colors of the Newfoundland dogs are black, brown, grey and Landseer.

Brody meets Kip, a brown Newf, he's still a puppy, he's gonna be huge.

Brody at work.

a rarer grey newf.  Sorry about so many dog photos.  Have I become that guy?  But they are just so cute........

when my mom buys wine she goes for it.

Parents had this pond made a few years ago.  Looks like a tiny animal and a larger animal were running about on the ice.