North Fork

We rented a house and went to North Fork for the weekend for Mel's birthday.  North Fork forks off and run's parallel with the Hamptons on the eastern part of Long Islands.  It has a bunch of wineries.

doggy love

driftwood whiffle ball

goats on a boat.

it's too late now but for next christmas this is what should be on everyone's gift list.  Black Gold manure, a delightful blend of goat, horse, and chicken poo.

wine tasting

lots of cooking, mostly by Gerald.  I think this is butter nut squash soup with sage and fried prosciutto.  Drinking and games followed.

wild boars or deer running on the beach in the moonlight?  I prefer to imagine wild boars.

first time seeing one of these cool wine tasting dispenser things.

some antique shop in some town.