Alpacalypse.  A visit to another Alpaca farm with my crazy Mom.

But first the Corning Glass Museum.  They have a program where they choose some kid's drawing and they make it out of glass.  Some kid drew a plane from Pixar's Planes movie so he's making that. 

Lino Tagliapietra is known as THE man in the glass world.  He's from Venice.

These screens on the side filter out certain light waves so you can see the flame working sculpting thing he is doing instead of seeing white hot flames.

Corning Glass invented and makes Pyrex

There were no good photos from our dumpling making fiesta that everyone amazingly participated in even when we ran out of store bought wrappers and had to make homemade ones, rolling out each little wrapper.

The Heavenly Sunset Alpaca farm.  They have 42 alpacas.

Great Pyrenees dogs are the dog of choice for Alpaca farmers because they instinctively herd things.  These guys were so friendly and nice and loving and big, like 120 pounds.

Susan Sarandon?  This is the last place I would have expected a celebrity siting.  Jeff Goldblum, Guy Pierce, and Keira Knightly were also there.  So many celeb sightings that day, it was insane.

the moral of the story is there is always an alpaca looking at you all dumbfounded.  Sometimes they are way off in the back but they are forever curious and always watching you.