Back in the New York Groove

I'm back in the New York Groove

Storm King art center is an open air sculpture park 1 hour north of NYC in the hudson valley.

The maturation of a flower

Every Sunday for 21 years Marjorie Eliot has opened her apartment to Jazz musicians for 2 hours of jazz in her Harlem apartment on Edgecombe and 160th street.  She even gives out juice and cookies during intermission.  There are only about 50 seats or so and if you come late you will have to stand in the hallway.  Due to the internet and blogs like this it seems like a ton of people know about this hidden jem now.  We stood for a while, ended up getting a chair in the hallway and ended up leaving after 30 minutes because there was no way we were going to get a seat inside to even have an eyeline with the musicians.  I guess you have to come early if you want to even be inside the apartment.  Will try again sometime.

55 Bar on Christopher street in the west village.  Very cool place, great barman and great music the 2 times we have been so far.  First it was an "exotica" band, think the theme song of Ren and stimpy and tiki and hawaii and the 50s.  After that it was an avant guarde sax, drum, and bass trio that wailed.

the exotica band

James Chang trying to fix his direct tv

party at one of the Otte stores

14th street A,C,E station

inside the New York Times at the art department