This is why we came to Rome, for Virginia and Chris's wedding.  They got the top penthouse of the Hassler hotel at the top of the Spanish steps, the cream of the crop of Rome.  #VIRGANDCHRIS

after the rehearsal dinner it was up to the penthouse terrace, which was huge and all theirs.

Wandering back home

There was lots of alcohol involved of course

The Trevi fountain at night is much more tolerable.  There were still about 15 people around it even at 3am but it beats 500 people in the day 

Virginia and Chris

They place they had their ceremony at had a packed schedule so there were people from other wedding parties waiting around, like this little street urchin who was just hanging around Virginia for no reason.

Looking like movie stars.  Congrats you two.  Chris's family is Italian.  His Dad once sat in the Pope's chair in the Vatican.

The view from the top of the Hassler was amazing of course

The sun finally went down so it wasn't such a sweaty time.  What a reception.