Jen in Paris - Part 2

Bouillon Chartier was described as one of the last few places in Paris where you can get decent cheap food in an old school atmosphere complete with rude waiters.  The service wasn't rude at all, the food was on the lower decent level but the interior was kind of cool and old school.  It was full of tourists but also local customers. 

They write down what you ordered on your paper table cloth.  Did we order a buck toothed asian gorilla?

book store in Passage Jouffroy

I bought this awesome Kawase Hasui u-kiyo e japanese woodblock print book for $13.  He's one of my favorites, he's from the shin hanga era, which is modern times so you'll see things like automobiles in his work.

Verjus behind the Royal Palace was full of Americans.  The only French people in there were the staff.  So we had to listen to so many dumb American conversations and horrible American accents.  The food is good and the atmosphere too it's just the clientele is all American which ruins it all (I am American by the way if any reader doesn't already know this).  I didn't come to Paris and pay a lot for dinner to hang out with Americans and have them ask where i'm from and just talk about back home!  This looks like scallops, some kind of carrots, and who knows what else.

the two desert chefs came out to give us their creation, it was a Japanese girl and a possibly French dude.

Moroccan food at Marche des Enfants Rouges again.  This is a Pastilla, a kind of meat pie.  Its super delicious and has ground almods, cinnamon, and sugar

Our friends Melissa and Cory have their own line of silk clothing called Petiole and give Jen stuff to wear so we had to take a few photos.  "Petiole can be worn all day, everyday – tees, tanks, camis, blouses, shorts, underpinnings, rompers and day gowns – all reinvented in silk and can be worn solo, layered, or with your existing wardrobe."

version 2

We went to eat dinner at Le Verre Volé and saw this girl that used to work at Vivant.  She said come to my new place, 6 Paul Bert.  Vivant was super delicious so we went to 6 Paul Bert.  It was also delicious, the old French couple next to us told me that the owner has 3 places on this street and they are all different and all good.  Will have to come back and try the others.

Solenne is the Sommelier here.  What a life being in the restaurant biz here.  At Le Verre Volé she knew everyone, I guess everyone at the hot restaurants knows everyone else.  Other industry guys were coming in with wine for her to try and just hanging out.  She let us try this 200 euro bottle of wine.  It was super smooth and wasted on us.  I'm drawing her for my Parisians project.  6 Paul Bert gets my recommendation, especially since it's off the beaten path, but not that far at all really.  Ok it's off to Rome in the morning for a wedding!