Saeko and Atsuko in Paris

Saeko and Atsuko came to Paris.  They live in London but are from Tokyo.  It was a few days of partying and relaxing

Nabil works at one of the Maje stores, a French women's brand. He has a twin sister and his other sister is a model in NY

girl on bike, Jackets bar in the background. 

that corner of Ile de la Cité

on the left if a book by Illustrator Gerald Dubois and on the left is a book by Illustrator Serge Bloch.  Both giants of illustration in America as well.

walkin' the dog

Bal Barge, part of the Paris Plages summer time fun program.  They do swing dancing here too.  It's along canal ourq


this Chablis was pretty darn good.  Their Chablis Grande Cru is even better

Kaz dreams

I have been seeing Peter Pan a lot lately.  It's like he's taunting me.

This book was in Merci and had a short history of all the streets in Paris.  Moulin des Prés was our street.  Finally on my last day in Paris I learned the difference in pronunciation between the up and down accents on an E.  For example the Pré in Moulin des Prés means "meadow" but if the accent is down like Près it means "close" and the pronunciation is different.

you call this a shovel France?