Jason's Re-Entry

Back in Paris.  Every summer tons of Parisians exit Paris and go to the south of france, spain, and elsewhere for up to 2 months.  When they come back at the end of august it's called "La Rentrée" (the re-entry) because what was a mass exodus is now a mass return home.  I volunteered to watch the house and Kaz because I was out of money and needed to just work and hustle and not travel anymore for the summer.  So this is my reentrée, at the end of June instead of the end of August.

I flew on XL Airways, a new French budget airline that flies between NY and Paris and a few other major cities in the US.  flights can be super cheap like $350 if you get them in advance.  this one way flight was $450.  good thing the flight is only like 6 hours because there are no TVs and stuff.  The good thing is the flights are all at like midnight so you just go to sleep and wake up and you're there. 

trying out some new appellations.  Touraine

first year watching the tour de france.  Josh is always a wealth of information.  There is a daily paper you can buy all about yesterday, today, and tomorrow's legs.  Being a bike rider, and owning my first bike with racing handles, you can really appreciate the tour more.  It's pretty exciting during the last few kilometers.  There will be one guy that breaks aways and has a huge lead but then somehow by some physics and wind resistance the peleton (the others, the big pack of riders) catch up to him right at the finish line and it will look like they are going to run the guy in the lead over who is out of steam.  It is seriously like a cartoon.   

6 out of 10 of the drawings for my Parisians series

these little tomatoes are awesome and beautes to look at.

time to finally try out these Merguez corn dogs a la David Lebovits.  Merguez is a lamb sausage from northern africa (much of it muslim so they can eat these lamb sausage yummies).  It's spicy.  I kind of feel like chipolatas would be better in these than merguez....

not bad but I don't know how they get corn dogs to fluff up so beautifully

I actually finished another book.  Jack Kerouac's On the Road.  It's pretty crazy.  He's basically a hobo along with his friends.  They steal everything, drink a lot, do some drugs (not as much as advertised), meet lots of girls, go from coast to coast several times.  They listen to jazz, bebop to be exact, and they way he writes about it makes you want listen to it to and sweat just listening to it like they did.  It's frantic his jazz writing and makes you want to go out and live.  This book does that.  Achara, the tall model girl from Beijing saw me reading this book months ago and i told her about it and she was like, gross who wants to do that, i just want cars and money and blah blah blah.  I was thinking well, first of all she's young chinese money so of course she thinks this book about traveling and the persuit of life is gross.  Second I though, she is never gonna get it, and i guess a lot of people never will.  If i was going to do an illustration about this book i would make it about the insane time warp that the book lives in.  somehow they are able to be on this side of town dancing and moments later be in the next town over stealing cars and back again.  Does everyone need to read this book?  I think the ones that do will look up one day and realize that they are, and the ones that don't won't ever read it. 

that west corner of Ile de la Citè from pont neuf

The Louvre and Rue de Rivoli

Musée D'Orsay

St. Michel

Appelation Protégée Muscadet

Advance warning notes show up in your mailbox more frequently in the summer.  these are the same neighbors that had that all night neighborhood shaking party that Kate Kelly and I attended at like 5 am.  In that instance the note showed up the day after as a quasi apology and Julie was not happy cuz it kept the whole neighborhood up.  This note says they finished their architecture studies and thanks in advance and excuse the trouble caused tonight.