#Salennifer Wedding

Salih and Jennifer done got married in Easton, Maryland at Jennifer's Aunt's huge luxurious estate.  You've seen them on this blog a few times, they visited me in Japan.  They live in San Francisco now.

Debbie and Fu/Foo also came with Jen and Salih to visit me in Japan.  Team Japan.  We took the greyhound bus to Easton Maryland, which is kind of in the middle of no where.  Bad idea, the worst.  we had a transfer in Baltimore, at the like Baltimore travel plaza.  After waiting for way longer than the half hour transfer everyone finds out that there is a bus but no driver.  They said who know what time he's coming or what's happening.  we shat ourselves because we had to wait for 3 more hours.  after almost 3 hours we went to get an update, of course they were like all hands off and no one told them anything so they felt they were off the hook.  turns out they had to send a bus from DC.  At some point this mini bus comes into view if you were really looking for it and it seats about 10 people.  Unbeknownst to anyone it gets filled up instantly.  This group of black southern teens was about to be let onto the bus but suddenly he slams the bus station door closed and it locks from outside.  It looks like 2 caucasian people ran up and took their spots.  This of course doesn't look good.  One of the girls calls greyhound customer service and tells about how the guy was rude.  Um...how about calling them about how our bus is 4 hours late!!!  Bus gets there and dude is nice and said he's not from Baltimore and doesn't know the route so he has to get the directions from the office.  We are all finally on the bus at this point but sitting there for another half an hour.  am i serious?  yes.  what could take him so long?!!!! we were already like 4 hours late.  We saw him walking back to the bus, I thought i heard debbie say here comes double lard, but she actually said tub of lard.  We laughed for the whole weekend and double lard it was.  He came back with the directions literally written on a pad of paper.  WTF!!! they don't even have google maps or at least mapquest and a printer?  I forget why but at one point one of the girls yelled "don't suck yo teeth at me!!" at the driver.  We started rolling finally.  He said we're making stops at somewhere, somewhere, somewhere, and ocean city, and one more place....what is it......and we said EASTON!  and he was like Eastern yea yea (not Easton).  We shat ourselves again.  We were f!cked.  Dude periodically turned on the lights in the driver's seat to peruse through the directions written in pencil on the pad of paper.  at one point we were going over the Chesapeake bay bridge and he almost pushed a car off the bridge and they were honking.  We get to some gas station a 45 minute walk from our hotel and he's like here we are.  Some russian girl was like no no this is not it.  Then other people are like no man this isn't it.  He has to get on the phone with the main office and see what's up.  After a while they told him this is it and the other location used to be it and changed last week.  Everyone amazingly was not killing everyone.  He straight up asked us what we want to do!!!!! like we were ship wrecked on an island.  and we were finally he took us down to the gas station closer to our hotel.  the rest of the poor people had to go onto ocean city hours away.  It was midnight already instead of like 7pm.  We called like 3 taxi services, all closed.  Finally the lady at our hotel was like i'm getting off in 10 minutes i'll come pick you up.  as we were leaving we see the bus driver still on the phone with the main office.  lord knows when the rest of those poor people got home.    

blood worms, live bait, and jail bait all in the same photo.

at this point after midnight and the worst bus ride ever (for them, i had worse in china) all we wanted was beer and food that's bad for you.  we had to walk down the high way for real.

we ended up at burger king and it was such a bad idea.

wedding day by the tree of life.  Salih learned that his dad can legally marry people.  i don't know what the word for that is, ordained minister or something?

here comes the bride

Salih's dad has an awesome southern thing going on

a vast estate so large they have a bunch of gold carts to get around it.

Jen's mom made the cake

Sal and sister

it looks like Django Unchained

Chihiro in Tokyo drew them

me being all introspective and brooding and cool by myself by the water

Supermoon doing things to Fu

Fu wants to take Dundee's kid's sparkler so bad

Kinda grew up in Paris for a good chunk of her life.

Sal stepping it up for "this is how we do it"

Jerry and Angela were there too

why do i always have beer in my hand or something.  Ok America that's it!  i'm going back to paris.  after 2 weddings and 3 weeks in paris i'm destroyed (on top of the 2 months of traveling before that with Bob and Yoon).  See you on the other side of the atlantic.