R and R

time for some R and R (rest and relaxation) at my parents house in upstate new york.

A deer flew out hit the Prius and flew high up and over into the air.  It doesn't look that bad but ended up being over $6,000 in damage.

My old flatmate Lucy in London mailed this box of my stuff to me that I had left there.  I haven't been back in the US for a year so this was the first chance to see what was inside.  are those stars of david she drew?

Dave Cooper books

communication arts Illustration and Advertising awards annuals that my stuff is in.

some priceless Japanese souvenirs including a drawing of me by Chihiro

This blueberry alcohol from North Korea that i got at the DMZ.

The chinese hieroglyphic phrases that I got in Yunnan, China.  It's like the last living hieroglyphic use in the world.  A piece of paper that has had at least 80 background paintings painted on it. 

a totoro calendar. who gave me this?  i've never seen it before....

my cousin elena in my super flannel shirt cape

while the adults were hanging out i escaped and did tons of activities with her.

while the adults were playing gin rummy i was playing old maid.  This set looks very progressive,  Everyone ends up in a same sex, same profession coupling except for that poor old maid.

time to swap out the memory card in the trail cam.  i guess they have captured a bunch of bears with it.

the Canisteo Valley from high up on our hill.  Now that i'm older I enjoy this a little more.  For a little while......and then the itch comes back.  But, we'll get there eventually.

the newfoundlands on the hunt.  they never catch anything.

Brody is allowed on the couch.  parents got soft after their kids left.

just so you can see how huge and ridiculous he is.  Let's go to an alpaca farm tomorrow.  I'll explain later.