New York Get Summered - Part 2

One last bit of new york summer before I go back to Paris.

found this photo from before.  These are Bob's back up glasses and glasses case.  seriously

I scored a number at mel's wedding!  it was goo ma, mel's aunt who owns dim sum go go in Chinatown.  We had a little special dinner thing with her and had a bunch of off menu stuff like this huge crab and this tofu thing.   

and my Pal Justin one more time.  Mel is a huge Twighlight fan and wanted to meet "Eric Yorkie" so bad.

goo ma

she finally got her autograph

on to meet the illustrators crew.

Kyle, Robyn and Dadu

Victo is like say I look like a forest sprite one more time mo fo

J Bartlett and Kyle, both american, watching hockey


from the front to the back

Domino Sugar factory.  I heard its goin' down?

The Williamsburg bridge.  For runner's its kind of daunting because it's just an incline half of the way.  But in reality it's not really that far and inclines are good for you!

Fumika is back in new york studying photography

My pal Allen Ying's 43 magazine at that new store in the Lormier subway stop

oh come on mel.  just noticed the marisa monte poster in the back, wonder if she still has pipes.

I've seen quite a few Peter Pan references in the last month, is it a sign?

at a Bordeaux wine tasting event.  The girls have this instagram thing going called "CorkWhores" where they rate wine and compare it to men or something.  I guess they're getting a lot of followers and invited to events like this now.

and now someone has to take all the unfinished bottles home.  I wonder who would do that?

i guess it does exist.  the phantom food lady on the corner of pike and something.

and one last parting shot from Soho on the corner of Prince and Broadway.  Am I in China or what?