Venice - The Stuff of Dreams

Venice was our favorite place on this trip.  It truly is like a dream, which is kind of lame because remember we are two brothers in this ultra romantic city.  It still has so much to offer anyone though.  Cars are banned here.  Even the ambulances are boats.  There are tons of tourists but it didn't bother me like it usually does because everyone was kind of on the same page, taking it slow.  and you can always find smaller streets and canals where there aren't that many people.  Venice rests on a lagoon and the entire city is a UNESCO site. 

I never looked at a map of Venice until we went.  It looks crazy!

the long bridge to the mainland

we took the train

I was wondering why there were so many well dressed/interestingly dressed people and then we found out later that it happened to be the Venice Biennale, one of the hugest biannual events in the fine art world.  We played a game called Biennale person or tourist.  It was generally a super easy stupid game.  What do you think about this one?  Biennale person or tourist?

Camera is f'd so colors or horrible on some pics beyond repair so i'm just gonna go black and white for some photos.  We lucked out and our hostel gave us a balcony room onto the street!  Venice is so quiet and quaint so it was awesome to have the huge windows open and chill on the balcony.

as tempted as you might be by the smurfs flavored gelatto i was drawn to the kit kat gelatto.  how lame of me.  kit kat gelatto, come on jason.  we averaged about 2 gelattos a day.  not bad at all

possibly the coolest surrounding train station area in the world.  usually the area around train stations is filled with riff raff, and is basically pretty ghetto.  but in Venice you walk outside and are smacked in the face with this.  The Grand Canal in all its glory.  We were like holy!  train station on the right, iconic building across the canal on the left.

we didn't ride a gondola cuz it's super expensive and we didn't want to look like this. 

The first time we saw Julia Von Troschke.  She looked super interesting and I was trying to discreetly take a photo of her.  Fast forward 15 minutes later and she ended up being at the cafe we were at so we met her and she was super interesting and she knew i was trying to take a photo of her.  She was there for the Biennale of course and is an artist.  She has a similar story to mine, travelling around and living and a bunch of cities.  She's German.  What's it mean when you have Von in your name?  aren't you like a dutchess or royalty or something?  This is why you travel, serendipitous encounters like this, and stay tuned because there are more.  Check out Julia's work here.  she's presented in galleries in France, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland.

see you somewhere on the globe again Julia!

a seriously low rider toilet.  its so low its basically a squate toilet.  the photo doesnt illustrate this very well and i tried to take a low angle shot but i had to move back into an area where the cooks were looking at me weird and i didn't want to be one of those dumb camera tourists (which i am)

i love love love how there are some streets so skinny like this that drop off right into the water.  there's something poetic about this situation no?

Vaparettos are the shells of Gondolas and are super cheap, i guess you just cross from 1 side of the canal to the other so it's not much of a ride.

So can a place be any more charming and beautiful?  It's a place where time stands still.  See you for more adventures tomorrow.