Hungover in Venice

We got super smashed at that Biennale party the night before and now had killer hangovers.  Often times when i have a hangover i will have a burst of energy in the morning, a second wind if you will.  An energized jason got a hurtin' bob begrudgingly out of bed to check out some of the islands around the main Venice island.  this required taking a water taxi for like an hour on stormy choppy waters.  We both put our hoods on and scrunched up into balls and closed our eyes and tried not to puke for the whole ride.  What better thing to with a hangover than to ride on a rocking boat for an hour?  Why, go to a cemetery island of course, that will lift your spirits.  San Michele island is one giant cemetery.  As soon as we got there bob laid down on the nearest bench from the dock.  it was raining.  We both felt like death with headaches and sea sickness and hangoverness and wanted to find and open grave and just lie down in it and die.

people lease graves for 10 years and then they have to renew or move the bones.

did i mention it was raining?  I don't know how i can stress that we had hangovers and had an hour long stormy water boat ride.  we were crawling along the ground trying to live

this is a parting shot of the island.  we found an automatic coffee machine, it sucked and i had to drink two but for about 10 minutes we were feeling better thanks to the caffeine spike.

next stop Murano island.  its famous for its glass.

we got some real coffee here.  I feel like this was the most Italian thing we saw in our whole time in Italy.  Old guys playing some game and bustin' each others balls.  There was basically no one on the island this day maybe because it had just stopped raining.

You read about in the guide books about some churches where you can't dress slutty but this is the first time i've actually seen the signage.  no video no foto no shorts no tank tops.  Sleeves necessary.

Fonzies are "kind of" like cheetos but fall short.  I got them because of the name.  I needed a large dose of the fonze if i was gonna start feeling better.

i didn't have enough time to get the correct camera settings to capture this dog at the helm of this guys boat

much of our time was spent trying to find wifi because i had a big potential advertising job in the works and I needed to be responsive.  In europe they could give a sh!t about your wifi.  in fact in Berlin there were several places with signs that said: no wifi, talk to someone.  That's great europeans but the rest of us actually have to work.  me and bob shot a clip on the last day in venice of our wifi searching exploits.  here i finally found a bit 'o' wifi. 

bob finding the childhood he never had in Gary, Indiana because he was child prodigy singer raised by Berry Gordy

forgot what this was

We met up with Sylvia and Stefania and they took us to another Biennale party.  We tried really hard to push through how we were at the post hangover exhausted stage.  Vodka tonics helped a lot.

The yachts of the super rich here for the Biennale

The Lady Nag Nag.  I looked online and couldn't find who the owner is

Rialto bridge

Biennale after party launching from the back door of the main venue.  we weren't invited

in Venice there is nothing to eat after a certain hour.  this happened to us several times where were got so caught up in having an awesome time that we didn't eat dinner.  here is our dinner and all we could find, a fanta and a weird faux yogurty drink.  More Venice coming up next!