Bob Paris Part 2 (written by Bob)

So we did not finish all of the bridges in one day because it is close to 14 miles. We should have been able to finish it, but my feetsies hurt and I kind of wanted to sleep.
I love beets. I love beets covered in creme fresh which is just like a sweet sour cream.
Simple dish: lentils, with a boiled potato and a ham steak.So this was probably my favorite meal I had my entire time in Paris and maybe ever. If you know anything about me it should be that I teach math and love bacon. That ham steak in the middle basically was just a giant piece of tender bacon and it was the most amazing thing ever. After eating this I realized most of my favorite dishes are pork. Tonkatsu from Japan and now this. 
Chicken and rice, but French which means and a lot of butter.
So we decided to start at this bridge which does not look that terrible, but we had our bikes and needed to take them back to the rental station. See that bus on the right. That highway become our nightmare. We ended up with our bikes on the right side of the bridge and we need to go left. There was no way to turn left so we went down those stairs carrying our bikes just to the right of the bridge.
So this what we found when we got under the bridge. This was a major highway so there was no way we were going to ride the bikes on the highway so we walked our bikes here with buses whizzing by us. I kept tripping on the pedals and was afraid I was going fall into traffic. I was convinced I would die here. If that was not falling into traffic then a mirror from one of the buses was going to take my head off. But I made it out alive. Doesn't it look like Jason is loving this perilous journey? 
We did run into this little park in Bercy Village after returning our bikes. A little tranquility was nice after the craziness that was the highway.
So it is ADVENTURE TIME!!!!! 
So adventure time for the Raish brothers involve running up little hills and back down them. It can get pretty intense some times.

So yeah... more bridges.
Jason had the camera today which means there might actually be some pictures of me. I know what my audience wants.

I think the pictures of this bridge are cooler than the actual bridge. 
So that building with the "drops" coming down was an abandoned building that squatters had holed up in. It looks super cool far away, but is kind of shady when you get up close. 
Some pretty cool street art.

So it rained on and off all day. So it was not quit as magical as the previous day, but you will see later there will be something magical in my  mouth.

Some island in the middle of the Seine. As you can see the water is pretty high.
Jason always wants me to pose for pictures, but I never know what to do.
You might be wondering "What is that man thinking?" Probably that my feet hurt and that walking all of the bridges was a terrible idea.

Me attempting my best Steve Zissou pose, but it just did not come out quit right. There is just something off.

So that is probably the best ice cream I have ever had... salted caramel all up in my  mouth.. pure magic.. SO GOOD!!! I had to hold this pose so Jason could take a whole bunch of different pictures with various settings on his camera. It was a little awkward for me.
So there are all of these random book sellers along the Seine that sell these pulp books, but I kind of like the cover art. That old school style is kinda cool.
More locks.
So Jason saw this ruler that measures how high the water is. He said he has been on this bridge a bunch of times, but this is the first time he saw it.
Do I always look that goofy?

RUBIK CUBES!!! This one is the craziest one I have ever seen, but it was super expensive. I have no idea how it works, but I want one.
Look at all of the pretty colors. I love this kind of stuff, but I am surprisingly bad at them. I can still do a Rubik cube, but it took me years to figure out the 3x3.
Savory crepe... Just egg, cheese and ham in this one, but still so good.
I love running into these little parks in Paris. This was on some island in the Seine. Even with no grass this park is still super nice.  Next stop:  Madrid!