Van Der House - Part 1

a trip to Van Der Kock's Van Der House  Where his parents live.  They live in Eerbeek

we made it in time for Van Der BBQ

as you can see they have a beautiful landscaped Van Der property as did every other house in the area that i saw

Melo-Cakes used to be called "N*gger Kisses" until a few years ago they said.

a 15 km bike ride to Nationaal Park Veluwezoom

There's even bike paths through the forest.

Wild roosters?!!!! actually it means cows.

are we in africa?

Gouda galore.  gouda is the iconic dutch cheese.  it was so cheap too. 

cumin gouda and some kind of middle aged gouda.  we were having a great cheesy time until.....

I sliced off half of my thumbnail and a big chunk of my thumb!!!  blood pouring out.  Van Der Mom did what mom's do.  Dank u wel Helen!

that is half of my thumbnail there.  if you know how this kind of cheese slicer works then it makes it even more painful to look at this photo and imagine slicing off your own thumbnail.

it wouldn't stop bleeding for a few days but now it looks like its gonna be ok.

Van Der Dog

Van Der Kock's parents have are antique map and globe dealers and restorers.  Iris Antique Globes and Maps.  They're always going to Paris and other places to buy and sell.  They have some heavy hitting stuff like a pair of 2,000,000 euro globes

they deal in mostly maps that are so old that the continents are all weird shaped.

or California was thought to be an island

or australia (Hollandia cuz it was discovered by the dutch) isn't even completely drawn because it was still uncharted territory like most of western canada.  Super interesting stuff.  They also sell quite a few maps and globes to Koreans where the map say Sea of Korea instead of Sea of Japan like it does on modern maps.

Yoon made this Korean feast, I was supposed to help but because of my thumb injury i didn't do much


kristy lucas said...

I also like Melo-cakes! I can't wait for your upcoming post on your part 2 stay on Van Der House. I do hope you enjoy your stay there and please be careful next time.


Kristy of Family Visa USA