Berlin - Part 2


the last 2 days of our Berlin trip

in Mauer Park there is an amphitheatre where there supposedly is karaoke after 3pm.  there was no karaoke and only weirdos performing in front of the crowd.  it would be pretty daunting doing karaoke in front of all those people.  there is no way you would make it without a song and dance routine.

drank a few kinds of Helles over the trip.

I feel like Berlin is a place I could live.  the downside would be the massive amount of hippies.  its seems like they comprise 50% of the population.

Prater Garten beer garden, the oldest in Berlin

go on, fill in your own caption

inside the Reichstag building which is the German parliment.  You have to reserve ahead of time online to get in here.  if you want to go you should do it days in advance because the available slots fill up.

cool version of the german flag in the lobby of the reichstag.

what's up with all these pipes going around Berlin?

this big balloon can usually be seen up in the sky.

i read something about these signs in the guide books like you can tell if you're in west berlin if the guys are wearing these traditional hats or something like that.

currywurst is everywhere here.  although there might be more kebab places

Barbie dreamhouse experience.  we could have gone if we went a month later.

Rogaki, a glorified deli filled with german delights.  Anthony Bourdain went here on his show "No Reservations".  we met lisa from my french class here because she happened to be visiting Berlin at the same time.

some fried fish thing everyone was getting, a turkey ball and some potato stuff.

Wilmersdorfer Strasse station

Jungfernheide station

and lets end it all with some juvenile humor

In conclusion Berlin looks like another European city i could live in.  It has artists everywhere (but also hippies).  Wasn't that impressed with German food but berlin has oodles of international options.  I love schnizel and bratwurst but i dont know if i could eat it everyday.  Germans didnt seem like the reputation they get in the US and probably other parts of the world.  Berlin is a crazy party city with international residents and tourists everywhere. biking lanes everywhere.  If i lived here i dont know if i could take the harsh german winter.