Amsterdam - Part 2

All three of us hungover we saw queen's day on TV from the hotel instead of outside.  we finally got out at 3pm

I tried to rally the troops by doing most dutch thing i knew, dancing around in the decorative "klompen" from the hotel room wall.

look at the map of amsterdam, it literally is all canals.

orange is the color of the netherlands so everyone wears orange and parties on boats, etc...

at the King's Day festival.  a huge festival of the all the music i hate but everyone was going so i said ok.  it was a pre meditated ok because we had to buy tix weeks in advance and even then we ended up with the late late bird tickets for 29 euros.  we were all so worn out from the night before that this was kind of a waste.  but the only way i would have had fun with all this techno/electronic/electro playing is if i was in the state i was the night before.  it was a young crowd with lots of pretty young things and yoon came to the realization that he is middle aged.

Van der Sister.  bye bye Bea(trix).

the day after nothing was cleaned up.  we saw some garbage trucks going around lazily picking up a ripped beer box here, a bottle there.  it looked like it would take weeks for the city to be cleaned up at this rate.  many people were just cleaning the streets in front of their house by themselves.

dutch pancakes are these huge things with different stuff mixed in like cheese and bacon.  i forgot to take a photo of the actual pancake i was so hungry.

you pour this stroop (syrup) over it.  its not like maple syrup but more like molasses and its not the same stroop in stroop waffles.

wall of dreams

nothing gets us up off the grass in the sun faster then recieving a text from Van Der Kock's dad saying if we can get to their house by 6:00pm there will be BBQ.  we ran for the train but in the end were late because a stickler conductor said no bikes on the train during rush hour (which is the rule).  so we had to wait and take the next one after rush hour.  we still got our bbq.  next stop, Van Der House!