Yoon in Paris - Part 1

Yoon came to Paris for our trip to Budapest, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam.  I've known yoon for 12 years since i studied in Korea in 2001.  He was my roommate in Korea and New York.  We have met in many countries all over the world.  He is a pretty decent guy and loves to party.  thus begins the storm.

my old Astoria roommate Seung Eun was in Paris

not pictured, a crazy night out on the town.  this was our recovery day.  the day before it hailed and then suddenly this day it was like 75 degrees and sunny and made life worth living again and the rest of paris was out in numbers feeling the same.  it was magical.

fufilling the stereotype, there are many people in paris wearing these breton shirts originally used by the french navy

the female version of my bike.

canal st. martin was one big celebration of warm weather

petanque isn't just for old dudes now.  now its for hipsters.  i hear they even have petanque at bryant part now.

getting out the tape measure

this short crazy guy is the guy that jumped in the canal after losing a tournament the first time i ever came to canal st. martin.  his name is Kiki.  we met him on this day and another really nice old dude that lent me a little ball the week before.  people are friendly in paris.  that's a lot of crack kiki.

more breton shirts and canal enjoyment further south down the canal.

basically any space where lounging can happen was filled with people.  here we are in place des vosges.