The Quiet Before the Storm

the quiet before the storm.  the storm being the arrival of Yoon and 3 weeks of travelling and partying and fun stuff that will ensue.

frédéric pillot exhibition at Galerie Daniel Maghen.  he's a famous french children's book illustrator with a tv show and stuff too.

i don't like white chocolate but when you put speculoos in it i might change my mind.

one night while walking with kate kelly I suddenly see my camera ($4000 worth of equipment) rolling through the crosswalk.  On further inspection i saw that this connector had snapped in half!  at first i thought why why why would they make a groove here so the metal is so thin?  on even further inspection the next day i saw it was not a groove and that over 2 years the metal had grinded itself down so thin that it snapped!  This is the black rapid connectr 2 and while i loved these products i don't know what to say now.  why would they make this connectr out of material that grinds down to nothing in 2 years?

this component (fastenr tripod) looks like its holding out and maybe made out of a different metal.

on the connectr it all used to be the same thickness and the metal fastenr grinding on the metal connectr for 2 years resulted in sad times.  my camera and lens appear to be ok besides a couple of big chunks of the body chipping off!!! but who knows what kind of internal damage occured!!!!!!

the material is so weak, it even grined out this hole.

a letter from the neighbors.  the first night kate kelly got here we went a partying and when we came home there was a party going on two doors down from my house so we went to see what was up.  it was a huge garden and house party with a huge sound system.  apparently the party went on til 8 in the morning, the music system was super loud and kept the whole neighborhood up.  it says "Dear Neighbors, Our music prevented you from sleeping all through the night, thanks for your patience and your comprehension!!".  does that sound like an apology letter to you?

got this in the mail from singapore.  the Books issue from Kult, an agency in singapore.  I visited them when i was there

I illustrated something from Collapse by Jared Diamond about the collapse of societies, including the easter islanders.  like all collapsed societies they cut down their trees and sealed their fate.

L'age d'or in chinatown looks like it is coming up.  there were a bunch of people in there at night

Marion in front of her store Majestic in the Marais.  I originally passed her and got to the end of the block and said NO! I will start talking to people and taking photos and not be afraid.  So i went back and talked to her and got this photo and drew her for my Parisians project which i will post later. 

i have to draw her too.  didn't have time to talk to her

Mimi's crew at a point ephemere opening

you've done it dude you're living the dream

Café la Fusée on a street off of the Pompidou center in the marais is pretty cool. 

behind the pompidou center.  on this day it hailed again!  and kept being beautiful and raining and beautiful again.  I've had enough of this Paris weather

Notre dame inbetween moments of sun